Picanha Roast (Popeseye Roast)


Approx. 1kg Roast

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Approx. 1kg Roast suitable for feeding 3 to 4.Also known as Picanha it’s a cut of beef called sirloin cap in the United States or the rump cap in the rest of United Kingdom but in Sunny Camelon we know it as the Popeseye Roast, It is also popular in Portugal and Brazil.

Your Joint should be left at room temperature for approx. 30mins before seasoning with salt and pepper, then open roasted in a pre-heated oven at approx. 180c Mk4 for about 50-60mins(Medium(65c internal temp))Remove from oven and let rest covered in foil for a further 15 minutes before carving

STORE BELOW 5c and use before or on use by date. Sold from frozen, please defrost or return to freezer on Collection or delivery day.


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